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This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff, along with some tips and insight that we have found useful and present here as questions.

How do I order product and what is the minimum if I am interested?

To order product you can contact your local broker and see if their company handles our product line, or you can call or FAX our office and check availability, arrange for payment and convey shipping instructions. Our support staff office hours are Monday-Friday, 10am to 4pm. Our Fax machine is on 7/24. If you are ordering direct, you will, in most cases, have to prepay the first order until credit is established. Our minimum order is one flat, we do not sell partial flats, the minimum number of bare-root seedlings is generally 1000 although it can be less if combined with other product, and the minimum number of liners is one case (60-90 units), again it can be less if combined with other product.


How do I interpret your availability/price list and the various symbols?

The first few pages of the availability/price list are the seedlings that we grow with the price per 1000. (m=1000) The number inside the ( # ) is the number that were available at the last inventory. If a (#-G) appears, that is the number of thousands that we have germinating but not available for immediate sale at the time the list was printed. Most times, on the same line we will indicate that plugs (P) and/or liners (L/AB) are available for that particular variety. The prices and quantities available of both the Liners and Plugs can be found on the last few pages following the seedlings. Seedlings are grown in a community tray, in most cases 1000 per tray. Seedlings are meant to be transplanted to small pots when they arrive at you facility. Plugs and liners are seedlings either germinated in small pots (Plugs) or seedlings that our nursery has transplanted to larger containers (Liners) and grown on until transplantable. Seedlings, plugs and liners are ready for shipment when we determine they are able to be shipped or transplanted. Size varies depending upon time of year, rate of growth and amount of time that we have held them. We do not hold product for customers. We are a small specialty seedling producer with limited space and depend upon product turnover and prompt payment.


Can I come by and look at the product and your facility?

We try to discourage people from coming by since we lack the staff for direct nursery site customer service. Additionally, there are other factors concerning safety, security and trade secrets that force us to restrict unsupervised, "Just thought I'd drop in", visits. It is possible in some cases for us to accommodate visitors but in all cases those visits must be arranged by calling the office phone number (760) 943-0373 during regular business hours and scheduling an appointment. It is preferable, if necessary, for us to take a digital photograph of product in question and send as a fax or as an attachment to an email.


What if I am unfamiliar with some of the product that you have to offer?

How can I learn more about a particular variety? Information about 99% of the product we offer, can be found in one or more of the following five books. The five books we depend upon are: Sunset Western Garden Book, Hortus III, Eucalypts-Vol.I & II, Exotica, and Cultivated Palms of the World. By referring to some or all of these essential books you will learn all you need to know about each variety's native habitat, their growth rate, temperature, humidity and soil requirements, their mature form and structure, and their flowering and seed production. Seedlink is unable to do this for customers as we do not have the necessary support staff to do basic research for our many customers and brokers.


How is the product packed and shipped and do I need any special documents?

The product is shipped in boxes that hold either 1, 2, 4 or 6 flats depending upon size and quantity ordered. Each seedling tray rides in it's own waxed insert box and is separated from those below by a divider. Each individual tray is cushioned with shredded paper as required and may or may not be taped. Each flat weighs approximately 10 pounds.(4.5 kilos) A full, full-sized box weighs about 65 pounds.(29.5kilos) There is a box charge of $8.00 per box. Seedlink is a Brown Garden Snail, Red imported fire ant, Glassy-winged sharpshooter and Oak tree decline certified nursery. Special documents may required for shipments to some locations including Florida, Canada, and the Caribbean and occasionally Hawaii for some items such as pines. Phytosanitary certificates are charged at cost($30.00US) and Canadian and Caribbean Special import documentation is an additional service charge of approximately $45.00(US). Seedlink ships most major airlines but will use Delta Airlines unless otherwise specified. We also are able to ship US Mail(2nd Day Air), UPS, Federal Express and almost all common carriers. All freight charges are either COD or billed to your or your broker's account. All damage claims are to be filed with respective carrier by receiving party.


How do you know how many plants to bill me for in each tray?

Seedlink knows how many seed were planted in each flat and has some idea of the germination percentage before they are moved to harden up. In some cases we pot out one average tray so that we know about how many seedlings are in a tray. In the case of the more expensive seedlings we do count each tray before shipping. Seedlink likes to think that we ship 1025 seedlings for each 1000 ordered. Seedlink has been growing and selling seedlings for twenty-five years and in many instances we are able to 'guesstimate' that a tray is more than a thousand and if there are extras it is the customers good fortune. Seedlink does hope that if you order 1000 seedlings of five different varieties and all of them are over except one variety and it is short less than the value of the overs you will consider the order complete. In the few cases where there is a significant shortage, if you let the billing office know right away we will credit your account or ship the shortage.


Which brokers handle your product and how can I contact them?

Most recognized brokers handle our product line. A partial list and links follows:

McHutchison ... . . .for Texas - email to

Fred Gloeckner Inc. ...

Horticultural Services Inc. .. ....................................Hawaii Division .. email to

Primaflora International... email to

KPS Sales to

Messick Co ... email to

Michells ...

McGregor Plant Sales...

Mid-Atlantic Plant Co. ... email to

Bill Moore Co. ...


Eason Horticultural Resources Inc....


What if there is a variety of seedling or liner that can be grown from seed but you do not list it, or never seem to have the product available when I need it?

If it is for seedlings or liners, the best thing for you to do is to contact us by email and ask for a determined number of seedlings or liners (AB) to be produced of the varieties you require. Seedlink's production personnel will review the request and respond via email if Seedlink production of the product is feasible and will include the projected cost and lead time. Generally, liners require a deposit or a non-cancelable purchase order and the liners must be taken when Seedlink feels they are well enough established and fair value. If you give Seedlink a window of desirability for delivery of the seedlings or liners, we will make every effort to deliver in a timely manner. For contract grown seedlings in small quantities (1000-20,000), most varieties will not require a deposit unless the seed is outsourced and very expensive or the germination success is notoriously risky. In the case of larger quantities of both liners and seedlings, a non-refundable seed deposit or letter of credit may be required.


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