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This web site has a number of short term goals. 

  • To make available our current seedling price list for our brokers and customers. 
  • To host our blog: Plants/Pearls/Paranoia. (Coming soon!!)
  • To provide links to sites with interesting products or information that relate to plants, pearls, and paranoia.
  • To provide links to our ezine articles and YouTube productions that relate to this site.

Our longer term goals will depend on our health, stamina, and the success of the short term goals. This is just a stop on the internet highway. Like most highway turnouts, there has to be some value for folks to want to stop as they click by.
For forty years we have produced seedlings as Seedlink, Rancho La Palmoa, or Fern Hollow, with a few eclectic adventures pursued simultaneously along the way.  It’s been an interesting ride and we’ll try to entertain and educate as the toilet paper starts coming off faster as it nears the end of the roll.

  • With over 40 years of seedling production of a fairly extensive variety of plants, there are some pearls we should share before the roll runs out. We are going to talk a lot about plant propagation from seed.
  • We have dabbled in roadside attractions, construction, dogs, fairy tales, farming, fishing, gold, hydroponics, Hudsons, puppets, restaurants, refuges, solar, and myriad other items that may pass across the blog.
  • We believe that fuel and shipping costs are going to impact our ability to continue to supply seedlings from coast to coast, and that the time is right for smaller regional nurseries to begin seedling production to supply growers within a 700 mile radius. We are going to share some of what we have learned in the various media forms with an eye to compiling them into a “How to grow seedlings for fun and profit” DVD.

We hope at the very least that this site will be educational and always entertaining.
Gil, Anne, and the dog


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